Welcome to My Journal!

The idea of writing a blog first came to me way back in 2009. I was a twenty-one-year-old part-time college student, part-time Blockbuster employee. I would like to spend my free time at a Barnes & Noble café, people-watching mostly, just killing time—and I liked the atmosphere. I’d read my Bible, do some school work, listen to music, and foster my new-found love for coffee and cream soda. Eventually—the more time I spent there, the more I thought about writing, not only for Bible studies, or for schoolwork, but for pleasure.

I had some friends who wrote for the joy of writing. They inspired me to try my hand at the whole thing—see if I had a skill for it or not. I loved it. I began bringing one of those spiral-bound college-ruled notebooks and couple mechanical pencils with me every day. I loved the feeling of writing by hand. Throughout the course of what might have only been two or three months, I’d written over fifty pieces, from short stories, to poetry, to multiple page-long monologues. I fell in love with the process of writing, to write and rewrite, edit and proofread, to arrive with a beautiful collage of words, only to chop out complete sentences and paragraphs—which felt like self-inflicted amputations.

I wanted to share my writing with people. I wanted approval… reassurance… validation that what I was doing wasn’t a waste of time. After all—why write if no one’s going to read it? I could sit there and pat myself on the back all day, tell myself I’m a good writer, and then put the words back in my bag and they’d never see the light of day. So, I shared a few select pieces with a couple of friends. They really seemed to enjoy it. In fact—I heard compliments I wasn’t expecting to hear. This, of course, added fuel to my fire to keep writing. That’s when the idea for a blog came to mind. A public, online place, for my writings to receive readers.

But therein lied a major problem. I was, and still am, incredibly critical of myself, deathly shy, instinctively introverted, and all around afraid of what others think. I put my heart into my writing. The words on the page were as carefully chosen as the stroke of a painter’s brush. What if I shared these vulnerabilities and passions with the world—with strangers—better yet, with people I KNEW!? The thought paralyzed me.

At the time, I didn’t have the guts or the confidence in myself to share anything in any public fashion—hell even my Facebook post would be very carefully constructed; I was worried about how I was perceived, about everyone’s opinion of me. It was crippling handicap, and it prevented me from making any real progress in both, my writing, and my social life.

Nonetheless, I kept writing. I was able to eventually put myself in situations that would teach me how to become a better writer. I wrote a monthly column for Roanoke, VA local Christian magazine. Read by thousands. My girlfriend at the time (now wife), pushed me to continue my education. I got my bachelor’s in English—Business/Tech writing and minor in Communication. The thought behind that was—“Hey, I loved writing, why not do it for businesses, magazines, or any companies that would pay me to do it in some form or fashion.” My education also taught me how to edit, proofread, market, and use my critical and over-active mind as fine-tuned weapon for analysis and tool for observation. These things only made my writing better. My thoughts became for focused. My words—more careful. And the impact they could have on readers and listeners—more powerful.

Fast-forward eight or so years to today—March 30th, 2017. I am now married to the most amazing woman in the world. She’s a public elementary school teacher, and she’s a total bad ass. I work full-time for an office in Alexandria, VA where I answer emails all day and fix technical issues for people with a lot of money, and knack for making even more money.

I’ve “found myself” I guess you could say. I’m not so much worried as I used to be for the opinions of others. I know I have talents. I know I have a unique and peculiar mind. I know that I have a skill that not many others possess. I can transcribe opinions, experiences, and ideas for others to comprehend, understand, and relate to. I know how to communicate now. I’ve learned how to take something as abstract and as formless as human emotion and thought, and put it on paper for the absorption of others.

That’s mainly what this entire blog will be—my posts are going to be far-reaching and wide-ranging. But at the core of Matthew’s Journal, it’s just a public environment for my thoughts and opinions. And a place to share my faith (and struggles with faith) in Jesus, through my daily life as a twenty-something husband and writer.

I’m going to be posting journal entries about my past, my present, and things I might be going through at the time. Writing helps me process my own thoughts. I’m also going to be doing regular Bible-studies. But not your typical Sunday sermon, meet with a group of like-minded individuals type thing. It’ll be something more along the lines of Bible verses/scripture readings that are having an impact on me and the lesson that I learned; then I’ll take the verse/lesson and write it out for everyone to read—if they’re interested. Very similar to my old “Karis Magazine” monthly articles, if you’re familiar.

This blog will also house all of the old Barnes & Noble creative writings I did back in the day that I’d like to share, and any future creative pieces I whip up. In addition, I may throw in a few critic/review/analysis writings about pop-culture—movies—music, current goings-on, that sort of thing.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

That’s it for today. My first blog post complete! I hope you enjoyed the read—I know it was a long one. But, if you liked this post, have a comment, criticism, or just want to let me know you read it, please click “like” on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter—share Matthew’s Journal on your own social media, and don’t forget to comment below!

I truly appreciate all feedback, and look forward to reading your comments. If you read this far and don’t even know who I am—just click on over to the “About Matthew” page. You may also find links to my personal social media sites through the “Contact Me” page.

Thanks for reading!


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