Dear Believer #1 – July 24, 2020

Dear Believer, When I wrote the Introduction post to this new ‘Dear Believer’ series two days ago, I had fully intended on writing out a, rather vulnerable, prayer request to anyone who would read it. But here I sit, two days later, completely unable to write that prayer. I no longer need to. I no … Continue reading Dear Believer #1 – July 24, 2020

*NEW SERIES* ‘Dear Believer’ [An Introduction]

It's been a long while since the last time I wrote anything publicly on my open journal website "my blog", or whatever you wish to call this. But, as I was drafting up a text to a fellow Christian earlier today, I was struck with the idea to post what I was texting to him … Continue reading *NEW SERIES* ‘Dear Believer’ [An Introduction]

How do you measure a life?

Seventy-three. Seventy-three years is all I’m expected to have in this life. Today, I'm thirty-one years old. Am I wasting my time? Seventy-three doesn't seem very long. Should I spend every waking second in a self-centered mad dash to experience all the things on my bucket list before my time runs out? Does it matter … Continue reading How do you measure a life?

Day-by-day: A Photo Journal Project

Have you heard of Jamie Livingston? No? Well he was a photographer who took a Polaroid every day, until the day he died. I've been tremendously inspired by his idea and his dedication. His photographs, at least many of them, are on display on his website, here. I fell in love with the nostalgia and story-telling … Continue reading Day-by-day: A Photo Journal Project

Welcome to My Journal!

The idea of writing a blog first came to me way back in 2009. I was a twenty-one-year-old part-time college student, part-time Blockbuster employee. I would like to spend my free time at a Barnes & Noble café, people-watching mostly, just killing time—and I liked the atmosphere. I’d read my Bible, do some school work, … Continue reading Welcome to My Journal!